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News Releases

London Leading the Way in Electric Vehicle Mobility but Collaboration is Key to Accelerate the EV Revolution, Says Hertz

May 16, 2012

Everyone has a role to play in encouraging the further adoption of electric vehicles throughout the UK according to industry experts Office of Low Emissions Vehicles, Transport for London, PwC and Hertz Continued collaboration efforts should focus on education, financial incentives, creating opportunities to trial and commitment to infrastructure development in order to drive EV access for all

The Hertz Corporation (NYSE: HTZ), the world’s largest general use car rental brand, today hosted a discussion with representatives from the Office of Low Emissions Vehicles, Transport for London’s Source London and PricewaterhouseCoopers on the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Electric vehicles have become a reality in London, which is a leader in advancing a new model for mobility, but the speakers at the event suggested that collaboration will be key to accelerating EV adoption more widely throughout the UK for both consumers and businesses as well as enabling access for all.

Speaking at the event, Michel Taride, President, Hertz International and Executive Vice President, Hertz Corporation, said: “London is truly a leader in electric mobility – once a vision, electric vehicles and a charging infrastructure have now become a reality in our capital city. Our goal at Hertz is to help make smart mobility a viable, global reality by giving customers and communities access to sustainable transportation options along with alternatives to car ownership such as car share. The car rental industry, local and central government, charging station providers, businesses and consumers now need to come together and each play their role in spreading the EV revolution throughout the UK.”

At the event, Fraser Macdonald, Transport for London Project Manager, Source London, commented on the importance of collaboration and partnership: “We are still at the beginning of a journey and hope our story – one of optimizing partnerships, developing policy and aiding private and public sector partners to work together – will change the shape of London, develop a new market and deliver cleaner air for the capital.”

The other participants of the discussion included:

  • Richard Bruce, Head of Office of Low Emissions Vehicles who provided insight into the electric vehicle situation in the UK, how charging networks will develop in the future, and Government initiatives.
  • Mark Avery, Head of Business Services, PwC who talked about the organization’s electric vehicle car solution, delivered in partnership with Hertz On Demand, and the benefits of EV car share as a solution for business travel today and in the future.
  • Fraser Macdonald, Transport for London, Project Manager, Source London, who provided a strategic overview of Source London and its plans for the future.

Mr. Taride continued: “Vehicle technology has advanced to make EVs a reality, but the network of charging stations to support usage is essential. Like London, cities need to have plans in place to develop EV networks; bringing together stakeholders including EV manufacturers, charging station providers and customers. In addition to on-street charging, corporations should install charging stations in buildings and business campuses to support fleet business cars as well as personal cars.”

Hertz also believes that education is key to encouraging mass adoption of EVs by consumers and businesses and that the car rental industry and government should launch a joint marketing campaign to educate people in the UK on the benefits of the new technologies; collaborating to make the electric revolution happen even faster.

In less than a year, Hertz’s global EV program and strategy, which is part of the Hertz rental offer and Hertz on Demand car share, has grown from a vision to a market reality in more than ten cities across three continents. Hertz offers the most diverse fleet of EVs and plug-in hybrids available in the rental market - from manufacturers including Nissan, Renault, Vauxhall Motors, Chevrolet, GM, Mitsubishi, and Tesla. In London Hertz data shows that the average electric vehicle rental is six hours, with an average journey of 16.81 miles.