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News Releases

Hertz Remembers Carroll Shelby

Hertz Commemorates an Iconic Automotive Relationship that Spanned Five Decades

PR Newswire
May 15, 2012

PARK RIDGE, N.J., May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Carroll Shelby brought muscle cars to car renters throughout the US, forming an iconic partnership with The Hertz Corporation (NYSE: HTZ), and he will always be remembered as a driving force behind Hertz's 1966 Rent A Racer program and, more recently, Hertz's custom-made Shelby GT-H showcase car.


"Hertz has the most diverse driving options in the car rental industry, including a history of offering exciting sports and muscle cars," commented Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora.  "The genesis of our focus on driving performance and fun can be traced directly to the partnership formed with Carroll Shelby more than 45 years ago. Carroll partnered with us on the Hertz Rent A Racer program, the forerunner to today's Adrenaline Collection, with the introduction of the Shelby GT350H,  and in 2006 we teamed up to introduce the Shelby GT-H.  An automotive visionary and a true gentleman, Carroll had a passion for making high-powered driving performance available to all Americans.  We at Hertz will ensure Carroll's impact on the U.S. automotive industry and legacy lives on and we're honored to have played a role in bringing Mustang driving excitement to rental customers throughout the US."

More than 45 years ago, Carroll Shelby and The Hertz Corporation developed an ingenious plan to provide high-performance, special-edition Shelby Mustangs to rental customers who were also serious car enthusiasts. Ford supplied the Mustangs with V-8 engines and mostly automatic transmissions, Shelby added extra performance and style, and Hertz gave the public access to unique driving experiences which would otherwise be confined to a racetrack. Today, the story of the Shelby/Hertz "Rent-A-Racer" is part of automotive history and surviving Shelby GT350H Mustangs are among the most sought-after collector cars in the world.

In a throwback to the famed Shelby GT350H "Rent-A-Racer" program from the 1960s, Hertz, Shelby and Ford partnered to produce a special run of performance-modified Ford Mustang GTs – designated the Shelby GT-H, "H" for "Hertz" – that were available for rent exclusively through Hertz. Approximately 500 units were available at select Hertz airport locations throughout the US.

At the launch in 2006, Carroll Shelby commented:

"Like the original Hertz cars, the Ford Shelby GT-H will be fun to drive.  We started with a terrific Mustang and modified it with some Ford go-fast parts and gave it a distinct look for Shelby-style driving. Whoever gets the opportunity to rent one of these unique cars will get an experience of a lifetime."

About The Hertz Corporation

Hertz is the largest worldwide airport general use car rental brand, operating from approximately 8,500 corporate and licensee locations in approximately 150 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. Hertz is the number one airport car rental brand in the U.S. and at 119 major airports in Europe. In addition, the Company has sales and marketing centers in 60 countries which promote Hertz business both within and outside such country. Product and service initiatives such as Hertz Gold Choice, Hertz #1 Club Gold®, NeverLost® customized, onboard navigation systems, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and unique cars and SUVs offered through the Company's Adrenaline Prestige and Green Traveler Collections, set Hertz apart from the competition. In 2008, the Company entered the global car sharing market with its service now referred to as Hertz On Demand which rents cars by the hour and/or by the day, at various locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  Hertz also operates one of the world's largest equipment rental businesses, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, offering a diverse line of rental equipment, from small tools and supplies to earthmoving equipment, as well as new and used equipment for sale, to customers ranging from major industrial companies to local contractors and consumers, from approximately 315 branches in the United States, Canada, China, France, Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia, as well as through its international licensees.  Hertz also owns Donlen Corporation, based in Northbrook, Illinois, which is a leader in providing fleet leasing and management services.

To make car rental reservations or for more information, customers can call their travel agent, or call Hertz toll-free at 1-800-654-3001. Information and reservations are also available on the web at

SOURCE The Hertz Corporation