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News Releases

Hertz Fully Automates #1 Club Gold Enrollment In North America

Jan 8, 2001

With electronic signature, or e-sign, capability providing the final link, Hertz customers in the US and Canada can now quickly enroll online, at, in the #1 Club Gold program. #1 Club Gold program members can also access program information online, including their membership profile, as well as make reservations at the company's lowest published rates.

Started in 1989, the #1 Club Gold program was the first of its kind to offer car rental customers premiere, expedited rental service. Program members avoid rental counters at airports, don't need to sign rental agreements at check-in and save more time by having conveniently located, pre-selected vehicles waiting for them under weather-protected canopies at 45 airports in North America.

Now, the program has been further enhanced with a simple, five-step online enrollment process. Enrollment can now completed by:

  1.  Accessing the #1 Club Gold enrollment section at

  2.  Consenting, online, to the use of electronic records for enrollment
      and to the use of e-mail for future notices.

  3.  Reviewing the terms and conditions of #1 Club Gold membership.

  4.  Completing the online enrollment form.

  5.  Clicking on the "I Agree" button in the form which completes the
      enrollment process.

"The implementation of e-sign provides significant benefits for our US and Canadian customers who wish to enroll online in Hertz' #1 Club Gold program. It's a faster way to complete the enrollment process and provides program members with instant access to their membership profile, allowing them to take immediate advantage of #1 Club Gold. This is another example of Internet technology helping us better meet the needs of our customers," said Claude B. Burgess, Hertz Vice President of e-Business and Technology.

Designed with the frequent business traveler in mind, the #1 Club Gold program is available to all Hertz customers for an annual fee of $50.

Hertz operates from approximately 6,500 locations in more than 140 countries.

SOURCE: Hertz Corporation

Contact: Paula R. Stifter of Hertz Corporation, 201-307-2824

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800-758-5804, ext. 406850